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Shall Intellectual Property International applications need to file via Intellectual Property Agents?


“Could I file an Intellectual Property International application directly or must be via Intellectual Property Agents?” Many people are wondering about this question when intending to register for Intellectual Property rights oversea. Let’s T2H Lawyers consult about this matter through this following written.


The Law on Intellectual Property doesn’t spectify about compulsory filing applications via Intellectual Property Agents. Thus, you can choose to file applications by yourself or via Intellectual Property Agents. Depending on financial capacity, knowledge, desirable time,… that the owner could select the most suitable filing method.

However, the filing applications is required to search for information, fill information in Intellectual Property International applications, amendment or supplement applications and neccessary documents, contact with competent agencies,… which is complicated, time – consuming and wastes your effort if you are not specialized in Intellectual Property; therefore, if you want to have your Intellectual Property rights protected in your desirable countries in the fastest time from the International filing date, bring the bussiness efficiency quickly, avoid the waste of time and money or the capacity of late registration, … you should choose to file your Intellectual Property International applications via Intellectual Property Agents.


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