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Single-member limited liability company (CO., LTD) is the type of enterprise which many people choose because it has many advantages sush as: simple and flexible organizational structure, the internal procedures is more simple than the joint stock company or limited liability company with two or more members. It is also more scientific and transparent than private enterprise.

With the above advantages and you have the ability to do business with your own capital, single-member CO., LTD is the best choice for many individuals. T2H Lawyers will help you understand this type and the steps needed when establishing single-member CO., LTD.

The procedure of establishing single-member CO., LTD includes:

Step 1: Prepare the dossiers.

Step 2: Submit the application for interprise registration certificate at the Business Registration Office, the Department of Planning and Investment (DPI) of the province where you are headquartered.

Step 3: Receive the result of registration for single-member CO., LTD establishment

Within 03 working days (from the date of receiving the valid dossier). In case of refusing to grant the interprise registration certificate, it shall notify in writing such to the enterprise founder, clearly stating the reason and requirements for dossier modification and supplementation.

Step 4: Announce of contents of enterprise registration

After being granted the interprise registration certificate, the enterprise have to publicly announce it on the National Business Registration Portal according to the procedure.

Step 5: Make the round seal of the enterprise

The enterprise may decide on the appearance, quantity and content of its seal. A seal must display the following information: Name of the enterprise; Enterprise identification number.

Step 6: Notify the seal specimen to the business registration agency

Before using a seal, an enterprise shall notify the seal specimen to the business registration agency for publicly posting on the National Enterprise Registration Portal.

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