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You want to establish an enterprise but not sure what type of enterprise you should choose? How much is the chapter capital? Which is best for you? The experienced Experts and Lawyers of T2H Lawyers will consult you thoroughly. Consultancy of establishment of the enterprise at T2H Lawyers is implemented according to the general process and method. They are applied to all types of enterprise such as joint stock company, limited liability company, partnership, private enterprises… and including both domestic and foreign invested enterprises.

Step 1: Collecting information, business establishment request of client and preliminary consultation:

  1. Receiving initial information provided by the client;
  2. Processing information, premilinary consultation on conditions and modification request (if any):

T2H Lawyers base on the above information and relevant laws to analyse and consult to the client. The client will be consult to choose the measures according to the requirements set and compliance with laws.

Step 2: Drafting and preparing dossiers:

After collecting information and consulting for client to clarify and choose the measures according to the requirements set and compliance with laws, T2H Lawyers would draft and prepare required dossiers as provisions.

Step 3: Submitting the dossiers according to client’s authorization:

After completing the dossiers, T2H Lawyers submits, monitors, modifies and receives the results at the competent state agencies on behalf of the client.

Please contact us for detailed advice.

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